Script [Deleted] SkEco

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Sep 7, 2017
Vancouver, Canada
ShaneBee submitted a new resource:

SkEco - A simple yet effective vault economy Skript for your server.

Looking to ditch Essentials, but still need an economy plugin? Well look no further... it's right here!

This simple yet effective economy plugin, will run all your economy needs. Unlike other Skript based economy plugins, SkEco will link in with Vault and any plugins that require a vault based economy, such as JobsReborn, ChestShop, ShopChest, AuctionHouse, GriefPrevention and many more.

SkEco requires very little setup. It will...

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ShaneBee updated SkEco with a new update entry:

Update 1.1.2 [BalTop Efficiency]


- It was brought to my attention that the previous way the baltop function was written, if many players ran the command in quick succession it could cause the server to lag and/or crash.
- Re-wrote the code to fix this issue. The top balances are then run and saved for 5 minutes. Meaning the baltop will only be able to refresh every 5 minutes.

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[doublepost=1532462465,1532457679][/doublepost]Update [GRRR]
So this isn't an actual update to code, just an update to dependancies. So apparently I had TuSKe in my test folder, and didn't realize that SkEco depends on TuSKe because of this ONE line
set {_objects::*} to page {_page} of {_playersSorted::*} with 10 lines
So UNTIL further notice when I can find a way to replace this, Tuske is needed for this Skript
ShaneBee updated SkEco with a new update entry:

Update 1.2 [A few changes]

- Was suggested by server people in the community to use Reqn for version checks vs SkQuery... I Reqn this is a good idea :emoji_wink: (You will now need Reqn, but you can remove SkQuery if you do not need it)
- Version checker now checks GitHub page rather than PasteBin... come on PasteBin... GIT outta here

- Added an option to change color of messages. (Can be found at the top, under options)
- Added another alias for /balance, you can now also use /money
- Added alias...

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