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May 8, 2017

Suggested name: CustomServerMenu

What I want:
i want a skript that has a gui and can check for online players of another server and get the MOTD of another server

this is what i mean

Directed server:
A stained clay thats called "&aSG-1,2,3,4,5,6" in a menu gui, make room for more slots
the lore of the clay would be
1: "&cPlayers: &f{onlineplayers of that server}/{max players of that server}"
2: "&f(spacer)"
3: "{MOTD of that server} aka it would say &aLOBBY, &6INGAME, &5DEATHMATCH, &cRESTARTING or if the server is offline make it say &8OFFLINE"

is basically i want the stained clay to change colours depending on the MOTD

so if the directed servers MOTD is "LOBBY" it would be green

LOBBY = green clay
INGAME = yellow clay
DEATHMATCH = blue clay
RESTARTING = red clay
OFFLINE = black clay

Ideas for commands: /csm open

Ideas for permissions: none needed

When I'd like it by: anytime soon

Sorry if this is complicated i could not find any plugins that fit my need
also i want to be able to edit the skript so yea dont make it in japanese