Claim which increases on level with partical effects.

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Feb 25, 2017
Category: Grief Prevention / Claim

Suggested name: LevelClaim

What I want:
The player has a level, which ranges from 1 to 70. The levels are based on a point system (I already got that sorted, so no need to make it.) Everytime the player levels up his plot/claim gets increased by 1-2 rows on each side. (If possible) the claims are going to be preset throughout the world so when the player types /claim he gets taken to a place where it's already claimed and assigned to him.
The claim will have partical effects around it to display how big the current claim is, this updates as the player is leveling up.

Ideas for commands:
  • /friend [add] [remove] <playername>
  • /claim
  • /unclaim
  • /home (Teleports to claim)
  • /visit <player> (Visit a claim that is owned by the <player>)
Ideas for permissions:
Not nessecary, I can figure that out later, no need to bother with such a small thing.

When I'd like it by:
A reasonable time