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Nov 27, 2016
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Welcome to the Off Topic section!

This section is where you can post pretty much anything. By that; I mean you're free to post something that is currently in the news or is relevant, such as Microsoft purchasing Mojang. However, you're not allowed to post about your "favourite" site that happens to contain illegal content.

Another thing that is limited within the off topic forum, is spam. Just because this is off topic, does not mean you're allowed to spam threads/posts here. Anyone caught spamming will be dealt with accordingly.

Finally, the last rule is that you're not allowed to take threads off topic. While the category is off topic, the threads must remain to the topic that they're intended to be about.

Staff might use the off-topic area to move threads that don't fit in elsewhere or have failed to meet the requirements for their specific category. For example, threads for scripts that contain no download and are just hype builders, will be moved here unless a download is provided.

If you're confused about where to post something or if it's allowed in the off topic section, just PM any staff member and they'll be more than happy to help you.
Not open for further replies.