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New Member
May 28, 2018
Hello people of SkUnity!

I know many of my friends were in desperate need of a solution which would have a clean and slick bot, all ran from your Minecraft Server. All you need installed is Skript and that's pretty much it, other plugins required for your bot I will tell you to install.


[$0.80] - A few commands like: !IP, !online, !play, !skip.

[$1.20] - (Recommended) Server Package: !IP, !online, !play, !skip, !pause, !unpause, Welcome Message Embed, and a simple !kick <ID>.

[$3.00] - Massive Server Package: !IP, !online, !play, !skip, !pause, !unpause, Welcome Message Embed, a simple !kick <ID>, !setgame <game>, User !stats, and Music Embeds (Like added to queue)

If you are interested in purchasing a package and are serious about it please drop me a DM on my discord: Ender#0002.