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  1. J

    Block states/data values of water

    Hi all, I made a mobgen skript that works fine until you put the gen under the water. Normally the gen requires players to be sneaking to remove the gen so they dont remove it accidentally, however when the gen is under the water it allows them to break it as for some reason in "On block break"...
  2. Hordoss

    On explode doesn't check water around chests

    Hi all, (Sorry in advance for my bad english) i'm trying to make a skript where the explosions break the water in a radius of 2. It breaks the water well but the problem is that it doesn't count the chest surrounded by water event if the tnt explode just next to the chests. (Screen of chests...
  3. mmaalex22112

    Fetch and check region from player in water?

    Hey all, I've been recently trying to figure out how to check the region of a player who enters water. Right now I have this: on any movement: if block above the block below player is water: if block below region "pk1-aqua-w1": message "&8&lCrazed Man: &r&aThis is...
  4. M

    When crops destroy

    Hi, sorry for my english I want a event called when my plants was destroy by flowing water. Thanks !