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  1. P

    Victim of projectile hit

    Hey, im trying to make a "frozen scythe" that gives you slowness but i cant find the victim of projectile hit (Dont worry i made it shoot) on projectile hit: shooter is a player: event-projectile is an arrow: shooter is holding iron hoe named "&9Frozen Scythe" apply 1 second of slowness...
  2. YW_Beta

    Solved Detect damage AGAIN in a while loop

    I'm trying to detect if a victim is damaged AGAIN in this while loop after damage, but the loop is exited instantly instead of waiting for a second attack to happen like I want it to. Code: On damage: if type of victim is a slime: while block below victim is not grass block or oak...
  3. G

    Solved set attacker on player death

    Hey, I'm making a little duels server, with BuildUHC. If a player dies by fire, or by igniting the player with ignite <argument>, it doesn't count that the player placed the fire. Sorry for bad English :6
  4. A

    Solved Help with a Victim

    Hey, how can i interrogate the hearts of a victim. I does not have any Code. - Thank's for every answer.