Solved Detect damage AGAIN in a while loop

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Jul 14, 2023
I'm trying to detect if a victim is damaged AGAIN in this while loop after damage, but the loop is exited instantly instead of waiting for a second attack to happen like I want it to.
On damage:
if type of victim is a slime:
while block below victim is not grass block or oak leaf or moss carpet:
send "hi there" to attacker #just to ensure that I get into the loop
wait 1 tick
if victim is damaged:
send "damaged" to attacker #just to make sure that this is the reason the loop stops
exit loop
currently I receive 1 "hi there" and 1 "damaged" after punching the slime
If someone could help me make it so that the loop is only exited after 2 punches that would be great :emoji_slight_smile:
You could try setting a separate variable like {_dmg} where a numerical value is added to it. So like:

Player punches slime once, it adds one to {_dmg}, player punches slime again and it adds more to {_dmg}, code checks if {_dmg} is 2 then resets the variable and does the rest of your code.

Keep in mind if you want a system like this for multiple players, it could be more effective to use a player assigned variable rather than a local one to prevent players interfering with each others variables.
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