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  1. Z

    !NEED HELP ASAP, PLEASE! Sending action bar to a player stored in a metadata value

    So I have made a skript look like this: on damage: if victim is not a player: if attacker is a player: if name of attacker's tool is "&6Sweeper": loop all mobs in radius 5 of victim: if loop-entity is not victim: damage loop-entity by damage / 2...
  2. H

    Problem in setting list variable value

    I want to change multiple value of list at once. For example, I already have written down this phrase. set {list::*} to 100 But results are not what I expect. This phrase removes previous data of list, and inserts new data. So, list's (index : value) set to (1:100) How can I solve this issue?
  3. Jonathan Cohen

    Solved loop-value error

    Skript version: 2.2-dev36 Error: [20:55:37 ERROR]: There's no loop that matches 'loop-value' (, line 1098: set {_lvalue} to "%loop-value-3%"') Code:
  4. V

    Script currency

    My vision is to have a custom made currency in game that players can earn to buy things with it like commands and ranks. I have finished the process of creating the currency. Players are able to pay each other with it. ops, and console are able to run the commands to add/remove the said currency...
  5. Selvati

    User Specific Inventories

    I know this should be in the request section, but I don't feel that gets looked at enough anymore, so if you've read this far, please do continue and allow me to enlighten you. I am trying to recreate what I like to call Adaptive Inventories, to dumb this term down, inventories/gui's that will...
  6. Spartan9802

    Solved Count Mysql

    Good evening, How do I count the number of players with the same value in a mysql database? Thanks for your help ;)