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  1. I

    how to use a skript variable with a uuid as a placeholder api placeholder?

    how can I make this work: %skript_something::uuid%
  2. H

    Transfer Player Variables Across Commands??

    So, I have a skript. One part of it sets a {example::%player's uuid%} variable. I want to know how I can take that variable and transfer it to a command run by a different player, with no arguments. Player 1: *gets variable set to their uuid* Player 2: *runs other command, uses...
  3. ClaasCode

    Solved UnparsedLiterals must be converted before us

    Hello, i get the Error from the title my Code: on break: if event-block is a gold block: addCoins(player, "Test", 5) function addCoins(name: player, message: text, amount: number = 1): set {_uuid} to uuid of {_name} send "%{_uuid}%" to console
  4. DarkKingMW

    Economy System (UUID's + yaml + Vault hook)

    Hello I'm looking for a money skript that works with .yaml files and is best linked to vault and it should be with uuid's thanks in advance
  5. L

    uuid in variable

    variables: {%uuid of player%.name} = "" does not work, any suggestions?
  6. ItsMCB

    GUI "Wallpaper"

    I'm trying to create an option that allows players to change their "wallpaper" for the Warp GUI. I can't get it to work. Can you please see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. options: wallpaper.%uuid of player%: white stained glass pane command /warpgui: permission...
  7. J

    How to check if User has a Minecraft Premium Account

    Hey, i want to check if a Player has a Minecraft Premium Account or not. Any Ideas?
  8. S

    Skript shows UUID instead of playername

    Hi there How can i turn Skript into show me the playername instead of the long UUID of the player? my skript: https://pastebin.com/qiFmdcsn Thank you.
  9. Avaplays

    Script ★ sWarp (Player Warps) ★ UUID-Supported 1.1

    TESTED MINECRAFT VERSION: 1.8.* - 1.9.* MAYBE WORKS ON 1.10 TOO There aren't currently any donors yet. ★ Name Donated: 0.- Some words to say! Maybe a server address :D ★ EN This skript allows players on your server to create and manage their own warp points. ★ DE Dieses Skript...
  10. Ayham Alali

    Script Advanced Double Jump [Custom] [UUID Support] 1.0

    Join our Discord for support Advanced DoubleJump: is a Custom & Advanced Skript made by Ayham Alali for his server (OPG4MERS), and he decided to share it with you, so you can use it too :emoji_slight_smile: Why Advanced? Well take a look at Features section :emoji_slight_smile: Full...