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  1. P

    Script Redstone Utilities 1.2

    Redstone Utilities I WILL BE DOING A COMPLETE SCRIPT RECONSTRUCTION NEXT UPDATE DELAYED Allows shift+placing supported blocks to be reversed. This is a very useful tweak and allows building in very small areas. Enables shift+placing end portal frames which will auto-fill the eye, useful for...
  2. Aidanete

    Other [NBTSk] How to use NBTSk!

    NBTSk for dummies As I've recently uploaded NBTSk, I think is a moment to make a tutorial. When I'm writing this, the script is pending approval. All you know what NBT Tags are, and we know that skript don't provide enough support for this stuff, so NBTSk works well for your server, because...
  3. EWS

    Useful vanilla Skript functions

    Here is a list of some functions which do plenty of useful stuff (mostly with numbers). Most of them are made by me. Round to x decimal cases Does what Skript's built-in function should do, rounds to the amount of decimal places you want. Code: Usage: Format number Formats a number so it can...
  4. Aidanete

    Script RPG Checkpoint Statues 1.0

    RPG Checkpoint Statues Hi, everyone. I'm Aidanete and this is my first script made for publishing. Is simple and lightweighed and is very useful to a RPG Server. This script allows you to make statues with blocks that can place your spawnpoint as the Cube World statues did! Features Easy to...
  5. T

    API EzYML 1.2 Description: A simple function to speed up the process of creating YML files and adding values/lists into them. Usage: If you've ever used, you'll understand the way this function works. An example usage of this: on script load: if existence of "plugins/DIR/config.yml" is...