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  1. erenkara

    Script UpdateCheckerCore 1.0.0

    Update Checker Core is the easiest and fastest way to add update checkers to your resources! Update Checker Core handles all of the HTTP stuff for you so that you can focus on your resource instead. Each check is cached so that requests aren't spammed. Supported Websites SpigotMC Yes...
  2. D

    Solved How to update a sign every 3 seconds?

    Hello, I'm doing a lobby system for my server and I'm stuck with a problem with the sign system: How can I update a sign every 3 seconds so that the sign shows the number of players in a world (and so that the number is updated as well)?
  3. Vane2k16

    function with options?

    Hello, i need help with a function for a signupdate. this is the function for the signupdate: function signupdate(a: text): set line 1 of block at {knockout.sign::%{_a}%} to "- KNOCKOUT -" set line 2 of block at {knockout.sign::%{_a}%} to "[&aONLINE&r]" set line 4 of block at...
  4. M

    How do i update

    hi i'm new and I'm wondering how I update a skript it doesn't seem like there's a button for it please help me
  5. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. 0

    this will be reworked one day. What is Delza? Delza is your Minecraft core that can replace almost everything in your server! FEATURES: - Very unique first join and rejoins greetings from delza! - AutoBroadcaster - Hub Manager - Options GUI - New Settings! (BETA) (NEW) - Anti Swear...