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  1. Asleeppp

    Skript Tools SkFinder 1.0

    SkFinder is a plugin that allows you to look for certain phrases in your scripts. Commands: /skfind search [query] - Search for a phrase or word within your scripts /skfind searchpage [number] [query] - Look for a specific page for your query /skfind reload - Reloads the configuration. This...
  2. R

    Remove "Too Expensive" From combining with an anvil

    Hey I am just wondering if there is someway to code a custom anvil or change the original anvil to make it so that when combining items it shows up with a higher xp requirement rather than saying "too expensive" and allowing items to be combined. Thanks, any help is appreciated at this point.
  3. K

    Need help identifying enchantments on a tool

    So far I have this: on block damage: if event-block is bedrock: if player’s tool is diamond pickaxe: wait 100 ticks set event-block to air drop bedrock But I wanted to find out how to have the tool as a diamond pickaxe with the...
  4. Ronnoc2w

    Unbreakable Tools 1.8

    Hello guys, I am making a BuildFFA Skript and I want to make the tools unbreakable. I have found a thread with umbaska but that does not work for me. Also I found a posibillity to do it with Skript dev-12b or something but that also does not work for me because version and stuff. So where I have...
  5. OldDogEyesCo

    Script Special Tools 1.0

    What is this? Special Tools is a skript that aims to change your survival experience. It makes it so tools, those that are found and crafted, will be able to be upgraded via mining with them. When the tools level up, they will have a chance to get an enchantment. (Only tested on 1.12.2, let me...
  6. GrimEpp

    Script Troll.SK 0.3.5

    Troll.SK I am not supporting this skript anymore. is a fun skript that allows you to troll players. This includes many trolls, if you have any ideas send me a message on discord GrimEpp#1115 Depends on: Skript SkQuery (Link) (Included in the...
  7. UnscriptedCode

    Script SkriptCommandUtils // Tab-Autocomplete for /sk and more v2.1.3

    Adds very handy things for scripting to your minecraft server ---------------------------------------- Features: !!! CURRENTLY DOESN'T SUPPORT SUBFOLDERS !!! - AutoComplete for /skript reload - Script List Command - Permissions and so on are editable in the .sk File config - Working with Linux...