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  1. IViddyy

    Solved Admin/Player Mode

    Hi im trying to make a admin/player mode using /admin and /player or all of it in one command.I wanted to toggle the world guard bypass (/rg toggle-bypass) with text etc.Thanks!
  2. 8

    Script Basic PvP Toggle 1.9

    Literally the most simple pvp toggle skript that you can make. Only command is /togglepvp which waits 5 seconds before enabling pvp or 5 seconds before disabling pvp. If you have any improvements that I could make, Please contact me on discord Reassignment#3642 or Tr3nd1ngT0p1c#5519
  3. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved SkBee scoreboard not working but has no errors on reload

    I'm having issues with my scoreboard. On reload i appears there are no errors but on reconnect the scoreboard doesn't appear nor does it when the player manually does /toggle. If anyone knows what my error and or problem could be please share your thoughts. Thanks, Talon. Scoreboard Skript...
  4. NotNinjaTalon

    Scoreboard Toggle Issue (SkBee)

    I am having issues with my /toggle command, the scoreboard functions properly and /toggle switches between them but when a player enables the scoreboard then decides to disconnect & rejoin the scoreboard doesn't display on. I assume I have messed up somewhere within my on join event, if anyone...
  5. ItsMCB

    Silent Join/Leave for Staff Members toggle

    The goal of this script is to let staff members toggle their silent join/leave function. When on, normal players will not be notified when staff members who have this toggled on join or leave. When off, it alerts everyone like every other player. I'm really not sure what's wrong with this. I...