time period

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  1. O

    Solved if now time between 9am and 20pm

    Hi, i want to write mini skript - if now time between 9am and 20pm → send "123" how can i do that? thank you
  2. KingDooms

    PlayTime In scoreboard

    So im using a skript from Obey0001 which is a scoreboard, aka the file i uploaded and im trying to make it so it shows the playtime in the scoreboard. I aleady have a playtime skript but it only does the command. Any helps? Code of the playtime skript since i dont wanna upload the file as...
  3. W

    Solved Parse as time period

    Is this not supported? I seem to be completely unable to store a duration in a variable unless I state that duration explicitly in the skript; command /duration <string>: trigger: set {_old} to now wait 5 seconds set {_time} to arg 1 parsed as time period...