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  1. J

    Script Ender Bow - Teleportation Through Precision 1.0.0

    Ender Bow - Teleportation Through Precision Are you ready to harness the power of precision teleportation in the world of Minecraft? Introducing the "Ender Bow," a unique script that empowers players with an extraordinary tool, an bow capable of teleporting them to the exact point where their...
  2. J

    Solved Need help with how to keep track of how many blocks a player has picked up since they joined.

    Ok so here is a bit of context. I am trying to make a skript that will teleport you to a certain set of coordinates once you've mined X amount of dirt or stone or whatever it is in the future. At this point in time, I need it to be for dirt. 2.6.3 Skript author: Me, Quiettee 1.19.2 variables...
  3. R

    Solved Teleport to other dimension wont work

    So I run a Spigot server and I am trying to facilitate Overworld to Nether and viceversa travels. This is my code: command /nether: trigger: teleport the player to location(-6, 69, 26, world("the_nether")) send title "&6Teleported To Nether" to player No errors show up but...
  4. KingDooms

    Solved Right click a specific item to trigger something

    So in a server im making, there will be given 3 keys/tripwire hooks... each one is supposed to teleport to a different area. There called "Axe Shop Key", "Sword Shop Key" and "Bow Shop Key". But i want so when the player right clicks the specific key, it will go to the type of shop, but it...
  5. KingDooms

    How to make a command to teleport to a certain place?

    I am making a RPG server, but i want to make people run /start and teleport them to a place to go to the tutorial or skip the tutorial, but i dont know how to make the command teleport to the place.
  6. 3meraldK

    random teleport on death

    I've a problem with random teleporting when player has no town (towny). How to detect if a player has a town or he doesn't? I've got random teleporting function so I need the only detection if player is townless. for example: on death: if player has a town: send "you are in town"...
  7. K

    Solved Location changes to another world

    First of all, thank you for your time of helping me. I set a location with set {spawn::%arg-1%} to player's location and then i teleport to the location using teleport player to {spawn::%{_map}%} where {_map} is the arg-1 in the first code. Im using multiverse to make different worlds for this...
  8. ItsMCB

    Script Admin TP 1.0

    ADMIN TP /tphere <player> Makes that player TP to you. /tpto <player> Makes you TP to that player. You can change the "ADMINTP" to your server name by changing this section. options: ADMINTP-ServerName:&7ADMINTP I hope you find this useful if you don't use plugins like essentials where...
  9. G

    teleport player to world

    I'm trying to teleport a player to a specific world, without using variables and 'teleport the player to the world's spawn point'. I don't want to use variables because I want to edit the location precisely. If I write teleport player to location (0, 0, 0, spawn), it'll say 'spawn)' is not a world.
  10. W

    Script Hub 2.1

    Features: Set a hub spawn Double Jump Stacker Spawn Effects Speed Effects (speed nametag) Disabling and Enabling hunger Four Portals! Arrow Effects Help Page Commands and Permissions: /sethub hub.sethub /hub hub.hub /setpoint1 hub.setpoint1 (Teleport with diamond block, portal 1) /setpoint2...