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  1. R

    Check if a player is on a specific team

    Hello, I am making a scoreboard which displays if your rank. The created ranks are "Player", "VIP", "Pro", "God", "Admin" and "Owner". And I want skript to check if a player is in a rank, let's just say, I want "Player" to be displayed. How do I let skript grab the team name and display it...
  2. U

    is there a way to check the player's team in an if statement without any skript plugins?

    i'm making a capture the flag kind of minigame and i want to make it so that you can be killed if you arent on your teams side, i think i got everything else working but how do i check the player's team or is there an alternative?
  3. K

    Add players to team

    Hello. I need to add a player to the var and then recognize if 5 players are in var. Is it possible to do this? Thank you Heres my code but that code do not check, if players are in red or blue team. Thanks
  4. L

    Balance Teams

    Hi, I would need help to fix this command. I need him to be able to block entry into a team with more people than the others. I did this, but it doesn't work. (He doesn't tell me any errors) command /joinitaly: permission: ww2.selectteam trigger: if {russia} or {usa} or...
  5. nicolas toledo

    How to differentiate 2 teams?

    Hi! I'm creating a server with two teams, but when a player from one team looks at a player from another team, they don't recognize if they are friend or foe. My question is .. is there any way to differentiate 2 teams? eg: change the color of the name (I tried but couldn't)
  6. zjqxtin_

    Solved All Players in two diffrend Teams?

    Hello, I have a problem and I don't know how to fix it. I want to split all players into two teams. Example: 10 players -> 5 in {blue :: *} and 5 in {red :: *}! Can it be done differently than: command /start: permission: event.admin permission message: {@noPerms} trigger...
  7. A

    Help me please

    Hi, I need help with this. command /team [<text>] [<text>]: executable by: players trigger: if arg-1 is "create": if arg-2 is set: if {teams.status} is true: if player is not in {Team.InTeam::%sender%}...
  8. SoMuchWessel

    Solved Random teams red vs blue

    Category: Teams Suggested name: What I want: I want that people can join a lobby. If there are enough people the game will start. This part is already done. I want that there are 2 teams: Red and Blue. After the game starts, i want that everyone in {game::lobby::*} is random assigned...
  9. K

    Packet Nametags

    Hello SkUnity, this is my first post and I appreciate any feedback if I did something wrong. First of all, i wonder if there is way how to edit nametag of player for other players. I am making team-based minigame and I want the nametags to be coloured red, if player is enemy and green, if...
  10. S

    How do I make clickable text?

    As in, say I run /team invite <player> and they receive the message "<player> invited you to their team! Type /team accept <player> or click here to accept" How would I make the "click here" text run a command?
  11. CorruptedVeit

    Sorting Tab

    Skript Version:2-2 Fixes V9 Skript Author:Njol Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- How i can sort the Tab I know I can make it with teams but i don't know how i can made it :D Can anyone helpf me to sort the Tab with this Code? Full Code: on Join: if player's prefix contains "Admin": set...