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  1. i0nqthqn


    # cmd command /cmd <string> <string> <string> <string>: trigger: message "%arg-1% is the best" message "%arg-2% is the cutie" message "%arg-3% is the noob" message "and %arg-4% is the lazy" on tab complete of "/cmd": # tab completion command set tab...
  2. M

    Tab Complete message input

    Hi. I was able to make a command and add tab completion using SkBee but one of my command arguments accepts a message afterwards, so I was wondering if there was a way to add the "<message>" tab completion that commands like /tell or /say add.
  3. DKPeak

    Help with SkBee & Tab complete

    Hi I'm not sure whether i have mis read something or what. But when i try to use "on tab complete:" with SkBee 1.10.2, skript doesnt recognize/understand the event. Im on paper 1.8.8 if it changes anything. Thanks bump
  4. KrazyManJ

    Remove skript:<command> from 1.16 tab completion

    Hello, today i found this thing, and i want get rid of this: I know, if player doesn't have permission for that, it won't appear, but with permission for command it will. I tried to do it with SkBee: on tab complete: if event-string contains "skript": cancel event but effect...
  5. B

    Command Tab

    Hello can someone help me? I need a script to prevent "Tab-Complete", with "/"
  6. Slaim36

    Skript On Tab Completer

    Tab completer is the command's argument completer, in a manner of speaking, obviously. In this case we can complete the /gamemode arguments using the TAB key To use the tab completer in skript, we need a script with our command, this is the mine: command /gm <gamemode>: trigger...
  7. G

    How to make a tab complete

    Skript Version: idk how to find that Skript Author: GTNT_Animatios Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 Is there a way to make a tab completer for sub-commands for skript? like this but...
  8. illusion

    Custom tab complete in argument

    How to make a tab complete for argument 1/2? Exemple: /nick [<tab>]: send "clear, name, skin, list" to player /nick skin [<tab>]: send "name" to player sorry for bad english, i'm brazilian
  9. W

    Solved MundoSK No player in tab complete event

    A snippet from the start of the event: on tab complete: set {_args::*} to split "%event-string%" at " " set {_pl} to "%event-player%" This results in an error message saying: "There's no player/console in an on tab complete event event" followed by a reference to the "set {_pl} to...
  10. W

    Solved Tab completer disables all completions, no parsing errors

    My code: on tab completer for "/f": if argument at 1 is not set: add "list" to suggestions add "tp" to suggestions add "seen" to suggestions add "online" to suggestions add "add" to suggestions add "remove" to suggestions add "requests"...
  11. HYPExMon5ter

    Script SlashSkEnhancer 1.2

    This script requires SkUtilities, and TuSKe Ever had trouble remembering a name of one (or multiple) of your scripts or just got tired of typing out the name of them? I know I have that's why I made SlashSkEnhancer, it allows you to tab complete Skript names (yes, it supports sub folders), it...
  12. A

    Command Tab Complete

    Hello, I need help with command tab complete. I would like to cancel every command autocomplete. How can i do it? Thanks c:
  13. A

    Command Tab Complete (pls Help)

    Hey, would like to edit every command on my Server (Tab) Code: on command tab complete: if {Modus.FreeBuild.%sender%} is true: if "%last token%" is not "": set {_l} to length of last token loop all players: {Modus.FreeBuild.%loop-player%} is...