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  1. G

    Mob gens

    Hey! Im making a clicker type server, where if you kill mobs, you get multi. Here comes the part that i need you to code. I want to make like gens wich you place down, it will start spawning mobs. Many thanks if you can make it!
  2. KingDooms

    Make a command execute a command

    So, i have a RPG server where i want people to do /start to start the server, but i dont know how to make them give a rank(By PermissionsEX) that doesn't let them use /start anymore
  3. KingDooms

    How to make a command to teleport to a certain place?

    I am making a RPG server, but i want to make people run /start and teleport them to a place to go to the tutorial or skip the tutorial, but i dont know how to make the command teleport to the place.
  4. X

    Error in startup

    I use Skript v2.2-dev31c server: Thermos 1.7.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT | 1.7.10-1614.58 (MC: 1.7.10) These errors occurred at startup Although the plugin can still be used But I worry about the follow-up will be a problem I tried to disable the feature in '' but I do not know how Hope to get...
  5. S

    UHC Start Skript

    Category: Start/ PvP Suggested name: What I want: A UHC start Skript similar in actions like this ( but visually like this ( ( Ideas for commands: /uhcstart (Time until PvP) (TIme Until meetup after pvp)...