UHC Start Skript

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Active Member
Mar 19, 2017
Category: Start/ PvP

Suggested name: UHCStart.sk

What I want:
A UHC start Skript similar in actions like this (https://pastebin.com/qxfZYE1L) but visually like this (http://prnt.sc/ezjg7o) (http://prnt.sc/ezjgcz)

Ideas for commands: /uhcstart (Time until PvP) (TIme Until meetup after pvp) (name) /timerclear (To clear the above hotbar timer) /uhcstop (To disable all the scenarios, delete the world, clearing the hotbar timer like the skript, etc) Pretty much all the commands on the above Skript but adjusted for the new one. I use Multiverse for world creation.

Ideas for permissions: skript.startuhc for everything

When I'd like it by: ASAP

Extra: Essentially, just change everything to fit the screenshotted design. Also, the timer command is /timer:timer (time in seconds) and /timer:timer cancel (to cancel the timer). Additionally, during when the timer stops when pvp, I want it to mimic the command on the skript, same for the meetup, with the same messages and everything. Thanks in advance.I also want the pvp and meetup times to be adjusted to whatever time.