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  1. T

    Particles help

    Hello I need help with particle projectiles, I dont know how to make in skript 1.12.2 with addons a particle projectile like umbaska or the magicspells and Magic plugin. Im making a self coded Harry Potter RPG server and I want to make custom spells
  2. S

    spells similar to wynncraft; L-L-R, L-R-L, etc

    i want to be able to make a sword that teleports you forward, randomly teleports you and teleports you behind an entity in a way similar to wynncraft
  3. Mirthfire

    Solved Rain of Arrows

    Category: Weapons, Magic Suggested name: Rain of Arrows What I want: When a player throws a Snowball named Rain of Arrows in air, a bundle of arrows will rain down from 10 blocks above the target enemy. Crafting Recipe: 8 Arrows around 1 Feather Ideas for permissions: spell.arrowrain When...