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  1. A

    Mineplex-like player titles

    For a hub or lobby core I guess, or just for fun <3 Thanks, have a great time using this!
  2. Zoot

    Anticheat Utility Snippets

    Tiered Potion Square function in expression Better distance expressions Non full blocks (Blocks that would change your altitude) Horizontal direction from location to location Advanced ground check (70% of movement cheats can be detected with this)
  3. EWS

    Useful vanilla Skript functions

    Here is a list of some functions which do plenty of useful stuff (mostly with numbers). Most of them are made by me. Round to x decimal cases Does what Skript's built-in function should do, rounds to the amount of decimal places you want. Code: Usage: Format number Formats a number so it can...
  4. Rezz

    Rezz's Snippets - Things you can do in pure Skript 2.2

    Snippets: A replacement for 'contains' UPPERCASE, lowercase, and Capitalization conversions Replace only the first or last occurrence of text Types! Get a variable's type Snippet #1: A replacement for 'contains' function contains(list: objects, check: object) :: boolean: loop {_list::*}...
  5. Snow-Pyon

    Snow-Pyon's code snippets

    Snow-Pyon's snippets Message to Component Used for converting a normal text to a chat component (useful when dealing with packets) Code & Usage Requirements MundoSK ProtocolLib Chat Component Converter Converts a chat component json to a human-readable text. Code & Usage Requirements...