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  1. P

    Does anyone know how I VERIFY A REGION?

    ``` if arg-1 is "delete" or "dell" or "remove": if arg-2 is "%arg-2%": if "%region at player%" contains "%arg-2%": send "[region info]" sharpsk delete region "%arg-2%" in world "world" ``` Erro: if "%region%" contains...
  2. S

    how to spawn entity with no ai

    I want to spawn an entity with no ai using skStuff but all i get is This is my code at the moment: command /noai <entity type>: permission: summon.noai trigger: if arg-1 is set: spawn arg-1 at location of the player add "{NoAI:1}" to nbt tag of last...
  3. dreike

    Solved TuSKe GUI with SkStuff NBT. This repeats itself 10 times.
  4. L0v0lup

    Solved Cant >Add< NBT to existing Item

    Minecraft 1.12.2 Skript 2.2-dev36 |SkStuff T-Nuke Fork Hello, i am currently working on RPG Sets in Minecraft. For a set effekt i am trying to add HP attributes to an set part after all 4 armour parts have been equipped. What would work: give player diamond boots with custom nbt...
  5. D

    Solved SkStuff Paste schematic no working?

    Minecraft Version:1.8 Full Code: I'm trying to paste a ship which i have saved as a schematic using worldedit, but it doesn't paste? I'm thinking that it maybe could be an incompatibility between two addons. But i can't seem to find anything online... command /spawnship: permission...
  6. G

    Solved An internal error occurred while reloading a script

    Whenever I try reload some of my scripts, it gives me the 'An internal error has occurred' message and spits this out in console, Any way to fix this? (btw, I know I can remove SkStuff and it will be fine, but I need it for nbt)
  7. T

    [Need Help] Checking NBT of block with SkStuff

    I'm pretty new to Skript, so I need some help. What I'm trying to do is to check the NBT tags of a block with the on break event. I saw "NBT of an entity, block or item" in SkStuff, but it seems to only work when you're adding/removing a tag from an entity/block. Basically, I want to add...
  8. Elsmok

    Solved make an entity chase a player? (skStuff)

    Hello i downloaded skStuff hoping to be able to make a spawned entity chase a player but im having some problems. command /test: trigger: if player is "Elsmok": spawn a pig at player set {_pig.%player%} to spawned pig loop all players in radius 15...
  9. Hyao

    Solved Adding NBT to entities?

    So, I've tried to work with SkStuff, but it doesn't seem to work and just returns an error. There's also a review on its resource page about how it doesn't work in 1.12 - is that so? Am I just doing it wrong? I've got so much: add "{Invulnerable:1}" to nbt of {_as} but it returns Can't...
  10. FUZIK


    SkStuff and NBT will work at 1.12? thanks.
  11. Donut

    Pathfinding - Target nearest mob

    I'm using the latest skstuff for mob pathfinding. I know how to make a mob target the nearest mob, but only of a certain type, e.g. on rightclick: spawn a zombie at the target block's location add pathfinder goal target nearest sheep to last spawned entity But is there a way to make the...
  12. D

    Solved Download SkStuff?

    Where is the Download of SkStuff? on, when i click there on Download there is a Error? Where i can Download the Newest version