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  1. I

    Skript mirror spawn ice block dust particle

    Im trying to spawn an ice break particle but for some reason passing Particle.BLOCK_DUST and Material.REDSTONE_BLOCK.getData() (using redstone cause i copied this and not important), but the console keeps giving me the error: 10.05 17:38:26 [Server] [Skript] No matching non-static field...
  2. D

    skyblock-How do I check if the player is allowed to make changes to the island they are in?

    Sorry for my bad english but you get what I mean. I did some research on the internet and found this code if ASkyBlockAPI.getInstance().getIslandOwnedBy(UUID.fromString(player's uuid)).onIsland(player's location): This code doesn't give what I want. What I want is is the player allowed to make...
  3. H

    CompletableFuture in skript w/ skript-mirror

    Hello there, I am trying to get a return value from a plugin API with skript-mirror. However it's working with CompletableFuture. How should i finish the task and get the return value with skript? Please solve as an example of "CustomAPI.getBan". Tysm! ^ PUSH
  4. couger44

    Solved Error in creating a expression in skript-mirror.

    It doesn't matter, I already solved it.
  5. A

    Mineplex-like player titles

    For a hub or lobby core I guess, or just for fun <3 Thanks, have a great time using this!
  6. X

    Type casting in skript-mirror?

    Hello, everyone I want to destroy (so that it will drop itself and its contents) a minecart with hopper that got under a certain chest. My code I wrote so far (I'm using the skript-mirror add-on): import: org.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryMoveItemEvent...
  7. A

    Fireworks with Skript-Mirror

    Questions: How would I launch and edit Fireworks with Skript-Mirror? I'm fairly new to Skript-Mirror so don't expect me to know too much. I don't have any current code to post in this. I understand there are ways to possibly do this with TuSke on it's own though I'm just curious as to how this...
  8. J

    Custom Chat (Clickable Chat Tabs)

    How can I create a custom chat box like Runescapes in minecraft? Clickable tabs that always shows up (JSON Probably). I am using Minecraft 1.14.4, Latest Version of Skript, with addons: "Json, SkQuery, Skellet, Skript-Mirror, Kosmos, Skent, Skope, skRayFall, SkVault, TuSKe-PichachuPatch-v3...
  9. N

    [Skript-Mirror] NameTag 1.8.8

    Category: Skript Help Suggested name: NameTag Spigot/Skript Version: Spigot 1.8.8 Skript 2.2-dev36 What I want: I would like a tool with Skript-Mirror that allows to change the nametag (nickname above the head) of a player, but for a certain group, that is to say: I'm doing a faction...
  10. Dovias

    [expression] Split text by every "x" characters.

    Want to split text by every "x" characters, but cant find an expression which does this? No problem, just use this freshly made expression by me!. Add this to new .sk file or at the top of your skript of choice. You could use this without the skript-mirror, but i know there's a lot of people who...
  11. Dovias

    Minecraft font to Unicode font converter.

    Before: After: Have you ever wondered how to get unique fonts in to your minecraft server? Well this is now possible! Here's minecraft font to unicode font converter, which converts minecraft mapped font letters to unicode ones without having a hassle to convert texts by yourself using an...
  12. kamilleon


    I tried multiple things to get the superior skyblock api to work with skript mirror, but I couldn't. I would only need it to check if the player who executes the command is the leader of the island he is in team of. Any help? Plugin(Api)...
  13. 3meraldK

    random teleport on death

    I've a problem with random teleporting when player has no town (towny). How to detect if a player has a town or he doesn't? I've got random teleporting function so I need the only detection if player is townless. for example: on death: if player has a town: send "you are in town"...
  14. 3meraldK

    towny channel detection

    can someone write me a script on detection of towny channel? I think skript-mirror is required, also you need to install there TownyChat and Towny plugin... for example. on chat: #detects (if player's towny channel is "general":) send "Your current channel is ""general""!" else...
  15. D

    Info of target player in actionbar

    I already did one of these but used the "on any move" that worked this way: When I looked at a player I would say his information (like money, clan) in the actionbar but if I stood still the information would no longer appear, I want a way to show a player's information in the actionbar even...
  16. M

    skript-mirror + kcauldron = error ?

    I have problem, when i tried skript mirror on cauldron i get this error, can anyone help me with that: [18:30:31] [Server thread/INFO]: [skript-mirror] Enabling skript-mirror v0.19.1 [18:30:31] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! [18:30:31] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [18:30:31]...
  17. couger44

    Solved Create a expression with skript-mirror

    Hi (Again). While I was creating a skript, it occurred to me to create an expression that is something like this -> json "text" with ttp "tools tip here" with cmd "/execute command here" to player(or all players) Of course, i need the API, but I want to create this to avoid the mess of...
  18. D

    Lambda with skript-mirror

    I was trying out skript-mirror and I was stuck on one thing: how do you do the "() ->" in Skript?
  19. TPGamesNL

    Solved Neuroph DataSetRow contructor not working (skript-mirror)

    Skript Version: 2.2-dev37c Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: Spigot 1.12.2 --- Full Code: import: org.neuroph.core.NeuralNetwork org.neuroph.core.transfer.Step org.neuroph.nnet.Perceptron...
  20. X

    Verify permissions of an offline player

    SPANISH Verificar permisos de un jugador offline Hola! He venido aqui porque soy nuevo con el tema de skript-mirror... Quiero verificar si un jugador offline tiene permisos.... no quiero usar "if player data of arg-1 has permission "blabla.blabla"" esto simplemente verifica si tiene permisos...