skript 1.18

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  1. R

    Skript right-click-on-block-detection

    Script Version: 2.6.3 Script Author: Me (RazorBl8de) Minecraft Version: 1.18.2 Hi I have been trying to make a right-click detection for making a closet that you can hide in. I know that this code doesn't work, but it tells you want I want done. Basically, if a player right clicks an acacia...
  2. R

    command not working

    i am making a gui (following a tutorial) and when i reload there is nothing wrong but when i try to execute the command it says unkown comman command /headgui: trigger: set metadata tag "headGUI" of player to chest inventory with 3 rows named "&6Head Gui" set slot 13 of...
  3. M

    Tab Complete message input

    Hi. I was able to make a command and add tab completion using SkBee but one of my command arguments accepts a message afterwards, so I was wondering if there was a way to add the "<message>" tab completion that commands like /tell or /say add.
  4. V

    Create citizens with skript?

    How do I create citizens with skript? I am making a horror game and I want that a random npc spawns in front of them and 2 seconds later despawns, and with despawn I mean like completely removed. I can't find ways to do that anywhere in the docs and all the addons are outdated. I'm on 1.18.1 btw.