skript 1.16

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  1. K

    How can i use Skript variables in another plugin config?

    Basically, i want to use one of my Skript variables in the config of a plugin of Scoreboard. And i'd like learn to use a plugin variable into a Skript also. Is there a way to use a variable Skript in another plugin?
  2. I

    vanish groups, its posible?

    In theory, I would like to know if it is possible to create a script for group A players to be vanished and group B players not to be able to see or detect them (if I were using clients), so that when using, for example, a pvp arena, players from group A can fight themselves apart from group B...
  3. S

    Solved Give player default item

    Sooo, i want to make a shop system, but i don't want to do an if statement for every item so i came up with this code: on right click: if name of event-entity is "&7Schmied": open chest with 4 rows named "&8Schmiedin" to player loop 9 times: set slot loop-number + 26 of player's...
  4. hbrt

    Problem with create regions on skript.

    Hi, I have a problem. I have a problem. I wanted to execute the plot creation command. command /plot [<text>]: permission: plot.plot trigger: if arg 1 is "create": #and here I have a problem, do you know what to do to create a 64x64 region around the player?
  5. D

    I have truble with "on step" skript

    I want to trigger an event whenever the player steps on a block. But the "on step" syntax doesn't work for all blocks So I tried writing "on any move" syntax, but it worked even when I turned my head, causing lag in the server. I want it to work every time the player steps on another...
  6. K

    How to Multiply mob dammage

    Currently me and my friend are developing a server and i'm in charge of the pve realm how do i make certain mobs deal more damage then normal minecraft.
  7. Natalciuu

    I can't remove a player from a list

    Hi, Im working on making a warn command for my server, it works great except for being able to clear a specific player's warns. It won't work properly and I'm having trouble figuring it out.
  8. M

    How to a set random block

    Hi! I'm trying to create an area and put blocks (max 3/2 blocks) into it at random, but I'm not able: D here are just the commands taken from help here on SkUnity. Thanks!! command /tlamp: trigger: set {Wall1} to location of location of player command /lamp: trigger...