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  1. Hypenexy

    1.12.2 MySQL problem with SkQuery

    Yes, both Skript and SkQuery load up on 1.12.2 with no problem but however the Skript I use only works on spigot 1.7.2 and 1.8.8 and the old Skript and SkQuery. Here is the error message in the console: [22:04:19 ERROR]: #!#! [22:04:19 ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [22:04:19 ERROR]: #!#...
  2. W

    Solved Tab completer disables all completions, no parsing errors

    My code: on tab completer for "/f": if argument at 1 is not set: add "list" to suggestions add "tp" to suggestions add "seen" to suggestions add "online" to suggestions add "add" to suggestions add "remove" to suggestions add "requests"...
  3. Selvati

    Again with things not loading

    Skript Version: dev25 Skrip Author: Bensku Addons: SharpSK SkMorkaz SkQuery-Lime SKUtilities TuSKe Umbaska Errors: At first, with all these addons required for my skripts, sometimes some wouldn't load, at random like I hazd said in mai post yesterday night. Anddd... now skript isn't...
  4. Sam1370

    Solved Skript says unknown command

    So I try to make a command, right? And then I do! And then Skript says that it's an unknown command at the same time while returning how you do it. This is what it says: 20.06 11:40:48 [Server] INFO Correct usage: /trs30minutes <player> 20.06 11:40:48 [Server] INFO Unknown command. Type "/help"...