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  1. S

    Enchantment Fix

    Hi my name is Shadow and I am currently experiencing an issue with the max minecraft enchantment level for sharpness and protection. The problem is that sharpness 25 will do the same damage as any sharpness above it and I want a skript to fix that and the same thing is for protection 25 and...
  2. T

    skbee RUINED a month of making a server and updateing the server and building it NOT SURE IF ITS SKBEE

    SEVELY over loaded plugin sorry for the troubles
  3. T

    set armor with lore and enchant

    so i'm trying to do game named skypvp and if you write /skypvp it teleports u to the world and give you the kit but i have a problem with the kit only in the armor so i want a core that gives you a helmet or any armor with a lore and an enchant on it here is the code i made command...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Why does ShaneBee Talk to himself