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  1. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    Simple Broadcast Skript

    Usage: /br [text], /b [text], /broadcast [text], /bc [text] command /broadcast <text>: permission: op aliases: /br, /broadcast, /bc, /b trigger: broadcast "&f[&b%player%&f]: &a%arg-1%"
  2. Shadow Klassic

    Solved Bulk Send Messages to Global List of players

    So I recently had an Idea to create Factions on my RPG server. Somehow when I store a player's UUID to a list like {bloodlust::*}, and then send the message to that variable, It ain't work :/. Any idea how to do this? My Code: on quit: remove player's uuid from {bloodlust::*} remove...
  3. H

    Solved Can't compare 'player's exp level' with an integer

    Hello, I am having a problem with skript. on click: if the 4th line of the lore of the player's tool is "&8Level 3": if player's level is lower or equal to 2: damage player by 5 hearts send "&c&lYou are not high enough level to use this item." to the player...
  4. ItsMCB

    Solved Send attacker message

    How can I make skript message the attacker through on damage event? Things I have already tried: send attacker "&cSWORD ABILITY OVERLOADED! &fYou should use your ability (SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK)." message attacker "&cSWORD ABILITY OVERLOADED! &fYou should use your ability (SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK)."...
  5. DroppingYou

    Solved Staff Auth getting IPS?

    Hey so I need help making a staff authentication skript names easyauth. My code so far is this: #--------------- Staff Auth --------------# # NORMAL PIN AUTHENTICATION # on join: if player has permission "staffauth.staff": if {password.%player%} is...