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  1. L

    Solved Help with right click

    Hi , I have a problem with right click, basically , when a player right click with the item, it does work well, but if the items are 2, it does not work. on right click on dirt: if tool of player is stick: if name of tool of player is "example": make console execute...
  2. M

    Solved Help

    For some reason when I right click him with the item it does absolutely nothing the code is here On right click on entity: If name of event-entity is "&4&lDungeon Master" If player is holding a tripwire hook named "&6Dungeon Key" : Send "&4&lDungeon Master &6: & 4Ahh...
  3. Strixus17

    HELP My Skript Isn't Working

    I want to create a seismic wave , So It worked but i need to damage and to push any player in the wave's path. How can I do that ? Skript: on right click with clock: name of player's tool is "&6Seismic Wave": loop all blocks in front of the player's location: block...
  4. F

    How do I use on right click on player but specify the player's name?

    Hello, so I am working on a small project and I am using skript but when I try to use 'on rightclick on player named "Help" ' I get an error ill attach a screenshot of the error. But is there a way to use on right click on player specifying a name?
  5. P

    Solved Rightclick on a specific player

    How can i do this? on rightclick on a player named 'Bob":
  6. Selvati

    On rightclick broken

    Hello, forget the format, I need multiple ways to write the event "on rightclick". This simple vanilla skript event is broken for me, I need to be able to test for the items name and lore, the following way does not work, please leave suggestions, or alternate methods below. "On rightclick: | if...
  7. Selvati

    On rightclick not working!

    THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF MY OLDER THREAD THAT NO ONE WILL REPLY TO. Older Thread So pretty much I have been through many hours of testing what addons clash together, after fine tuning and rewriting some skript code, I have one last issue, I can't get the on rightclick event from vanilla skript...