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  1. tycoo

    How to replace specific color codes in message?

    When I use "&5" in my chat message, it basicaly doing nothing with it. I can replace only "&" with "", but there will be "5" in the message. on chat: cancel event set {_msg} to message replace all "&5" with "" in {_msg} send {_msg} to all players
  2. 2

    Replace effect does not work at all

    I have been wanting to make a chat mention feature to highlight player names in a color like gold. After I finished code like that it didn't work at all. I decided to see what the problem is and simplify everything and it came down do the replace effect not working. I seem to not have had any...
  3. B

    Solved Help with some characters can't replaced.

    Can someone help me with color format isn't replaced Method 1: #looping command /acac [<text>]: trigger: if arg is not set: set {_arg} to "null" set {_name} to "null" if arg is set: set {_arg} to "%arg%" set {_name} to "%arg%"...
  4. Skaya

    Solved Replace <none> variable

    Hi, Is there a way to Replace the default Skript <none> variable? Thx Skaya
  5. P

    Solved Chat replace

    on chat: player's message contains "hi": replace "hi" to "hello" How can I do this?