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  1. I

    Custom recipe not working

    Hello, I've been trying to create this recipe for a while now. But for some reason it just does not work. I have skQuery addon downloaded. on load: register new shaped recipe for leather named "&r&lPůlka Elytry" with lore "&7Zda-li je toto přejmenováno, nebude to fungovat." using gold...
  2. T

    [HELP] Edit furnace recipe/...

    I need to edit old furnace recipe with result glowstone dust named "&Sulfur" using gold ore. But method create new furnace recipe with result glowstone dust named "&fSulfur" using gold ore dont work. Results of gold ore is old - gold ingot(((
  3. P

    Solved Error with Shapeless Recipe

    Hey, I get a server error when I load my Skript. Skript: on load: register new shapeless recipe for sea pickle named "&eWasser Talisman" using gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot, scaffolding, gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot, gold ingot register new shapeless recipe for...
  4. P

    Custom crafting recipe

    Hi,I want to script an object that is in Hypixel SkyBlock (golem armor). Unfortunately, I do not know how to do it, that you can only craft the item once you have reached the required "iron level".Is it possible to ask script for a player's Iron Level with a variable, for example on crafting...
  5. FistoF

    How to make brewing recipes?

    How do I make custom brewing recipes? bump
  6. K

    Problem with custom recipes

    Hello ! I'm trying to make recipes using items cith custom lores with TuSKe (, but that doesn't seem to be working. Can you help me ? I'm using the last Spigot version with Skript Bensku dev35b and TuSKe 1.8.2. Options: #Copper...
  7. Spartan9802

    Solved Ingredients recipe with custom name

    Hello i have the problem I have register the new recipe with 2 nether_star named "myname" But using a simple nether_star is enough for my craft
  8. Spartan9802

    Solved Use all planks in recipe

    Good evening, How to use all types of wood in a recipe register? ^^
  9. S

    Registering an enchanted tool recipe

    How would I call for an enchanted tool recipe when registering one? Ex: register new crafting recipe for iron pickaxe of efficiency 3 with (input here). bump bump