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  1. Zyro Studio

    Script Chat Game | Make your chat more active! 1.0

    Easy Setup! Can run without any configuration. Almost everything can be changed in options. 2 Type of Games! Reaction & Math Problems. Premium quality but FREE! /chatgame <start/stop> Start or stop the chat game. Permission: chatgame.admin Alias: /cg Make sure you have Skript plugin...
  2. D

    Solved Reaction events

    Hello! I have a skript made for reaction events: options: winner: &e&l%player% &r&aanswered first with &e&l end: &r&a! noans: &cNo one knows the answer: &6&l keytype: tripwire hook keyname: "&a&lCommon &r&7Key" keylore: "<##ff0000>Use &l/warp crates &r<##ff0000>to open!"...