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  1. A

    scoreboard glitch

    hi, im having problems with my scoreboard its buggy and glitching out. Can someone help me with this? my code is this: every 1 second: loop all players: set {_online} to number of all players set name of sidebar of loop-players to "&6&l&n&e&l&nG&6&l&nradeUpWards" wait...
  2. A

    Sword that damages all enities but not player

    hello, I would like a sword that damages all entities in a certain radius but if I use damage all entities, it damages the player too. any fixes? Code will be below. on right click: if player's tool is iron sword named "&6Scylla": if {-p::%uuid of player%::hype} is true...
  3. W

    Solved Help with making a moving gradient for a name.

    Hello. I would like to have a rainbow-ish coloured name tag in my Minecraft server. For example, my name tag would be: WilliamPlays0402 0.5s later: WilliamPlays0402 0.5s later: WilliamPlays0402 etc.. This is what I've achieved so far: every 5 tick: add 1 to {60ticktime} if {60ticktime} is...
  4. A

    Loop all players in a list ? HELP !

    Hello everyone ! I have a problem while making a Skript.. I made a list which is called {rtf.kit.tank::*} and I have some players added in this list. I want to loop all players who are in the list. How can I do ? Here is a code for example of using the loop all players in a list. Should I use...
  5. S

    Broadcast if player is online

    Hi there! I am at the beginning to make a autobroadcaster skript. Like: every 10 seconds: broadcast "" broadcast "Hi there broadcast "" But what i wan't is that the broadcaster will first begin after 2...
  6. P

    Sign with number of players

    Hey! How can I make the sign show the number of players in a world?
  7. S

    How do I make clickable text?

    As in, say I run /team invite <player> and they receive the message "<player> invited you to their team! Type /team accept <player> or click here to accept" How would I make the "click here" text run a command?
  8. Adrihun

    Solved a