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  1. Austral

    Placeholders don't work in comparison: more or less

    When I try to use a condition more or less for a placeholder, it doesn't work correctly. I use Ersatz and Skellett-2.0.9
  2. U

    buyable kits issue

    i downloaded addon Ersatz so i can use placeholders from other plugins. i loaded placeholder %vault_eco_balance_fixed% but when i try to buy a kit it says i don't have enought money, so could you help me please? my balance was 8640$ here is code: else if event-slot is 36: set...
  3. O

    Solved Custom Command Help

    I am trying to create a command that will respawn the player for a cost of $10000 by typing /respawn. I am using the vault plugin for the economy. I can't get it to work correctly. This is my skript currently. command /rsp: description: This will buy you back to life for $10000...
  4. X

    Solved Placeholder Help

    Hello, can anyone say me please, how I can create and use an placeholder in script? Thanks xXTim08Xx
  5. UntitledGaming

    Scoreboard placeholders

    i've tried everything but i cant get it to work i was hoping anyone on the forum could help Addons: Skrayfall skquery skript-placeholders TuSke every 5 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player's world is "ul_oldskymines": wipe loop-player's sidebar set...
  6. APickledWalrus

    Addon skript-placeholders 1.6.0

    This addon allows you to create your own PlaceholderAPI placeholders, which can be used in any plugin that supports it. You are also able to use PlaceholderAPI and MVdW placeholders within your scripts. It is a fork of Ersatz which has been updated to work with the newer versions of...
  7. T

    Solved List of skript placeholders to use?

    Hello, So I am making a hub skript with a scoreboard. I want people to be able to edit this easily by using placeholders. I know there are a few possible in skript like %player% and to get the world of a player and stuff. But is there somewhere a list with all placeholders built in to Skript...
  8. CustomWorldYT

    Solved Placeholders + Variables

    I'm developing Skript, and I want a command to edit messages of plugin in-game, because not every person is friend with Skript's options. I'm using variables to save pieces of messages, that can be edited in-game using command "/edit prefix &a&lNew Prefix &b&l>>" (for example). But now, I want...
  9. S

    skAnimatedTags (Under pleayer heads tags)

    Hello guys: Suggested name: skAnimatedTags, skAnimatedNames, skPlayersNameTags What I want: I want to see realy realy some realy good skript for that the player can have under heads 2 maybe 2 lines of Tags, possible to see Prefix player name and suffix and possible option a config in wich...