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  1. JarBinks

    Solved Mining skript not working

    Hi, I have a skript that when certain pickaxes mine blocks, it puts the blocks in the players inventories. It works for all the pickaxes execpt for the coal pick, iron pick, and the diamond pick. Also, how do I make it so no other blocks will drop, only if it gets mined by the correct picaxe. #...
  2. P

    Solved Problem with upgrading (no errors)

    I'm trying to make a skript where when you right click with it, it'll upgrade the pickaxe. Not gonna show the full skript, but if you wan't it i'll give it to you the issue: every tick: loop all players: if amount of {pick::*} = 2: replace wooden pickaxe named "&7Wooden...
  3. J

    Solved Fortune Custom Drops

    I want players to break obsidian and get a nether star and that it goes straight into the inventory without dropping. so far that works and so does the fortune 1 enchantment. But when I use fortune 2 or 3 it acts as if I was using fortune 1, giving me 2 nether star. How can I make it so the...
  4. Claver01

    Solved Can anyone try to help plz