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  1. Jake

    Script Chunk Load Checker 1.0

    Chunk Load Checker or (CLC) is a script that makes sure the Staff is notified when a Chunk Load Overload happens by alerting them with a report, reports are also viewable through the main command, data can be cleared though the same command, everything is configurable in the config...
  2. F

    Solved Can you help me optimise my skripts?

    Hey everyone! I wrote three skripts and I am not sure if they are really optimised or not. I feel like events that are used on them can damage the performance of the server. Can you make them more performance friendly? My first skript is this. It is a scope skript and when players sneak...
  3. T

    Solved How to increase the effects of a custom enchant according to the number as level in the lore

    Hello I wanted to ask if it was possible to reduce this code, instead of putting in each condition the level number, like what is shown here. to put as in a single condition that detects depending on the level in number . making it increase for example the chance if level 1 : the chance was 5%...
  4. T

    Skript Lag || If/else if/else statements.

    Hello! Recently I've been trying to figure out something, if a condition in an if statement is not met, does the amount of lines that comes inside that matter for lag purposes? For example here is what I mean: if 3 > 5: send "test" to player send "test2" to player send "test3" to player...
  5. EWS

    Offering EWS's Skript shop | Quality & performance

    EWS's Shop Hello. It's been a while, but I'm accepting commissions again. You can request a script or a Discord Bot through my Discord or email below. My services ▪ Skript development, ranging from a simple function to full server functionality; ▪ Functions and APIs for scripts; ▪ Discord bots...
  6. Rezz

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    WARNING see Unfortunately, YAML is one of the most inefficient things you can do in Skript. It may seem like a convenience -- or even a necessary enhancement -- at first glance, but the harsh reality is: no...