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  1. FistoF

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    I'm working on a Star Wars-themed Minecraft server that needs a minigame script based on Ewok Hunt game mode from Battlefront II video game. Minecraft version 1.19. Offering: $20 after you demonstrate the minigame working on you server by playing a round with me. Contact me: Discord...
  2. H

    Solved Pay system

    Info: It gives me no errors when i reload the skript, the problem is i can send more keys than i have, and i can aslo send a key type that is'nt gold, iron, or diamond. arg 1 is player arg 2 is a number arg 3 is a type (Iron,Gold,Diamond) Variables: {jern.pol.%player%} {guld.pol.%player%}...
  3. Nutella

    Script Mail Pay 1.0

    Hi! This is a simple script from me. This script will provide balance payment feature from Essentials plugin to other player without having to be online. Additional add-ons of the scripts that should be used are skUtillities. Just download it, move the file to the Skript folder, reload the...
  4. Adrihun

    Solved a