on damage

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  1. WhoCutTheCheese

    Solved Get killer from crystal

    I'm trying to get the killer from crystal pvp on death of player: victim is player attacker is end crystal add 1 to {kills::%metadata value "playerWhoDetonated" of attacker parsed as player%} broadcast "&c%victim% &fwas BLOWN up by &c%metadata value "playerWhoDetonated" of...
  2. Drakem

    Solved error on victim is a player

    I'm trying to make a double jump script, and I want it to have a few seconds of immunity when it drops. I used a boolean variable that will be deactivated a few seconds after the jump, but it gives me an error on damage: victim is player damage was caused by fall if {%player%.jump} is...
  3. KingDooms

    Results not set even tho they are?

    So making a random critical skript was kinda breaking, but at this point, idk what's wrong. {RandomCritDamag::%player%} is set as 110. A command telling the results says 110 but when actually using it with %attacker%, it doesn't work and it says it's not set. Code: - Not working: variables...
  4. F

    on damage start a counter?

    Ive had a problem with trying to make players slowly lose their point earnings in my point system from fighting over a long period please help me.
  5. I

    'on damage' doesn't work in commands

    I have this here: command /avadakedavra: aliases: /ak trigger: if player is holding a stick: message "Avada Kedavra!" make player shoot snowball on damage: projectile exists projectile is a snowball...