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  1. B

    Offering [OPEN] Skript and Plugin development

    Who are we? We are a Development Team with Java developers and Javaskript Developers, so we can make both Skripts, and Plugins for you and your Minecraft Server. 4 professional developers who are going to do what you ask for the most accurately, and the most perfectly. Why us? > Everyone has...
  2. I

    Skript Dev For Hire

    if any one is looking for a DEv Configurer or a staff member i am willing to work over nights for the first employer is $5 an hour 5 hours a day, 5 days a week mon-friday. Any extra hours on mon-friday, would be $1 extra. Weekends are my free days and I don't have to be payed i...
  3. N

    Offering Any Scripts to be made for $

    Details Hi, my name is Adrian and I am willing to make any script you would like, for money. By paying, you allow me to receive some cash for my hard work. I am dedicated to work on any script that will take anywhere from 1 hour to even 10 hours (depending on the price). Contact My discord is...
  4. Wyatt Lipscomb

    Experienced Developer

    Name: Wyatt Lipscomb Experience: 2 Years Payment: $0 - Free Timeframe: I can make anything simple in less then a week. More complicated skripts may take longer. Addons: I am not very Experienced with skript addons, though I know how to use them. Contact: There are multiple ways to contact me...