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Aug 27, 2019
if any one is looking for a
  • DEv

    • Configurer
    • or a staff member
i am willing to work over nights for the first employer is $5 an hour 5 hours a day, 5 days a week mon-friday.
Any extra hours on mon-friday, would be $1 extra.
Weekends are my free days and I don't have to be payed i chose if i work or not DM me for more info @ Email: [email protected](with the skunity forum name) Discord: Bill Cipher#2180(please also state ur discord name {just name not # if you dont want anyone else in your friends list} so i can add you and we can talk) or in this thread


also sorry for the images being big
[doublepost=1600834847,1600834788][/doublepost]also the images are just emojis from discord like (policeman, construction worker, and mailbox)
[doublepost=1609317430][/doublepost]I still didn't get anyone yet