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  1. S

    error code inventory of the player is not a world

    i fixed it.
  2. F

    cancel event not working

    Hey guys! I did a shop, and i can take out item from the shop and dont even taking away my points. Heres the code: and if i try to click on it, i can just move around and get the block, place it down everything. And i dont know whats the problem with the skript.
  3. O

    loop-block is not a location

    on place: loop all blocks: if loop-block is composter: loop all blocks in radius of 5 of loop-block: if loop-block is fully grown wheat plant: wait 4 seconds set loop-block to air loop all blocks...
  4. jonawoning

    Solved "every real minute" not working.

    I want to add 1 {kd.influence.%player%} every minute to a player but it doesn't work. If i remove ''event-world'' event thing, then it says please add an event world etc. Error: every real minute: if "%event-world%" is "KnightMC"...
  5. jonawoning

    Solved Skript if message starts with "!" not working.

    Title: Skript if message starts with "!" not working. < I have skript like: on chat: if {kd.%player%} is "Kingdomloos": cancel event broadcast "&7[&fKingdomloos&7] &7%coloured player's displayname%: &7%message%" else: set {hash} to "##" set {procent} to...
  6. M

    skwaze not working

    hi im trying to use the skwaze addon for crafting but it says "Can't understand this condition/effect:" and then the code below I also tried it with Waze at the beginning register new recipe for glass bottle with wheat, wheat, wheat,stick
  7. C


    Hey, I made a IP-BAN Skript and i tested it but now I can' unipban myself. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  8. Selvati

    Solved Skript & Addons Not Loading..

    Sneak Peak, Full Console Log Below: Skript Version: dev30d Skrip Author: Bensku Addons: SharpSK SkMorkaz SkQuery-Lime SKUtilities TuSKe Umbaska (These are not the problem, skript itself is the one constantly not loading.. so don't worry about versions ;D) Errors: Skript itself and...
  9. J

    Solved HELP - Lists not working!

    Hi! Look at this: command /sounds [<text>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: send "&d&m---------------------[ &9Sounds &d&m]---------------------" send "&a&o/sounds &7- &6&oShow this help page." send "&a&o/sounds list &7- &6&oList every sound...