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  1. V

    How to make permissions work?

    script options: $ use permissions every 1 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player have the scoreboard tag "Z": add "zinfection" to looped-player's permissions execute loop-player command "/zinfection" I've been trying to enable permissions for several...
  2. P

    Solved Help with custom commands and loop dropping items

    So I have this server that I work on, that basically has different jobs. One of them is going to be a janitor, which will have an area to work, they will clean up dirt, which will just be a dropped item. I have set the coords I want the drops to spawn at, but I want to be able to activate the...
  3. V

    Solved loop all player near players what have the scoreboard tag "Z":

    Stuck I want all players who were within 15 blocks of the player with the scoreboard "Z" to write a command every 15 seconds with a certain chance every 15 seconds: loop all players: if player have the scoreboard tag "Z": chance of 99%: wait 40 ticks
  4. M

    trying to set custom drops with percent chance

    im a complete beginner and this is pretty comlex for me to figure out, so i resigned to finally asking for help. my code right now (barebones to test) is compiling successfully, and does occasionally trigger a <null> dropped title, but doesnt actually drop anything. for testing purposes, i only...
  5. A

    Players can only place tnt in region

    Hi, I wrote my very first skript today on a collaborative server with a lot of people who know more than me, but they're all offline for a while lol I'd like for non-op players to not be able to place any block other than tnt in the region "PeasantVillage." Help would be much appreciated!
  6. J

    Solved Help - Noob question :/ Enchantments?

    I was just wondering how I could give a player an enchanted item without having to loop items in their inventory and enchanting the wrong one? For an example: command /kit god: trigger: give player sharpness 1 bow But the simplest things in skript are nowhere on the documentations.
  7. R

    Claim protection

    I posted earlier about actually claiming land for a player. I have done that now and am wondering how I can protect the claim from other players, any help would be greatly appreciated.