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  1. GDude_

    Solved Global variables problem.

    I need help with global variables because they don't work. I get no errors with the code but it still doesn't work. Skript Version: 2.5.3 I also have tried many other versions and more updated ones, even dev ones and they still don't work. Addons: Skungee, SkQuery, Ersatz, SkMorkaz, TuSKe, and...
  2. F3lipe

    Skungee - Script Rewrite

    Hey! I'm new here. I've got an script that's executing luckperms commands and playsound with title/subtitle I would like it to get executed on whole network. Could you please help me to rewrite it for skungee? :) I would be so happy, and thankful <3 changing it to bungee players didn't work...
  3. Flylix

    variables via server

    Hello, I recently got a minecraft bungeecord network. I am planning to make a friends system, but have run into the following problem: How can I share variables across multiple sub-servers? Or is that impossible?
  4. Skaya

    Get Server Name from Bungee Network 1.8

    Hi, how can i use the feature of skungee to get the server where the skript runs on. Thx Skaya