mob drops

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  1. JarBinks

    Solved Help with making my item look enchanted

    Hi, I need some help fixing this code: on death of zombie: chance of 50%: give player 2 sunflower glowing hidden named "&e&lCoin" stop else: give player 3 sunflower glowing hidden named "&e&lCoin" stop Everything works but the the glowing doesn't. I'm...
  2. A

    Custom Mob Drops (With Items From Other Plugins)

    I am using a plugin called Vouchers (Link Here: I want the mobs to drop an item from the Vouchers plugin. If someone could please experiment and just give me a basic code on how to do it, it would be very helpful. Much appreciated for any...
  3. ScienceTeamKevin

    Set Attribute Data on mob drop and hide

    Hello! Im not really new to skript, but still need help on this. How do you attribute data to an item, and then hide that attribute? This is so i can put the armor value in the lore. for example, #im using the minehut tutorial on this. If you have a better solution, have at it On death: if...