minecraft 1.16.1

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  1. J

    Want to make dragon egg do something

    I was wondering if anyone can help me out with a code for Skirpt. (only works in overworld) You place down the dragon egg, it will start spawning skulkers, drop end city / ship blocks, chorus fruit, end rods, and end banners. It will not spawn the following: Obsidian, enderchest, elytras...
  2. Qurao

    prevent use custom item in craft

    How i can prevent use custom item, for example: leather named "Test leather" in craft? Minecraft 1.16.3, Paper
  3. Leom2004

    paste Schematic on 1.16.1 (problems) please help

    Hello, forum As you have already read in the title, I have problems with the placement of schematics in version 1.16.1. I have searched through many forums and tried a lot, but everything did not help. This is my code that I ran: command /maketree: trigger: paste the schematic...