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  1. sluhtie

    ClashRoyale, Clash of Clans and Idle Miner Tycoon (COMBO)

    )----------------------------------------[ CLASHROYALE ]----------------------------------------( Hey adventurer! Looking for something that you have never experienced before on minehut? Then this is may be interesting for you. ClashRoyale is a project I'm working on. I wanted to create...
  2. K

    Bedrock mining - with real mine

    Hi :) Can anyone help me with small script? I want to write script that can mine bedrock - normal mine like mining (obsidian,diamond ore). I know that I can use "on leftclick on bedrock:" - but this I can click on every bedrock around me... I want to mining at least 5s bedrock. Of course I...
  3. Natalciuu

    Solved Trying to set blocks in an area between 2 points

    Im trying to build a prison skript from the ground up and ive run into an issue with reseting the mines. I cannot get them to set the blocks in the entire area. It creates a line of blocks inbetween instead of making it fill the entire area. My Code for it: every 10 seconds in world "Prison"...
  4. TheDarkBatman

    Script Mine System 1.1

    Hi. Add / Remove Mines with custom blocks and custom reset time. Setup: Download Script Put that in Plugins\Skript\Scripts Go in your server and execute command "/sk reload <Name of script> Follow these steps to create mine: /mine:set ( You will get tools , set locations ) /mine:name <Text>...
  5. D

    Solved On Block Break - Advanced

    Hey :D I am making an Prison-System for my SkyPvP server and I want the System to add 1 to {mine.block.stone.%player%}, my idea was: on block break: loop blocks in radius 1 of event-block: #In Case of Explosion-Enchantment if loop-block is stone: add loop-block to...
  6. FlameikTV

    Solved Reseting Prison Mines

    Hi, I want to reset my mines with skript but I don't want to reset mine by coordinates like in this topic.. My friend has told me that it is possible to loop all blocks in WorldGuard region and test if it is 0 - fill it and if it is (for example as block in current mine) 1 - don't fill it.. Do...
  7. C

    Solved Mine reset

    I was wondering if there was a way to reset a mine with skript? I am making a server using only PermissionsEx, Skript, addons for skript, and worldedit, so I want to find a way to reset a mine with 50% cobblestone, 20% stone, 5% dirt, 15% iron ore, and 10% gold
  8. DJ411

    Broken Blocks no Velocity + stacking

    I've been trying to work on a small task skript where when i mine a block instead of bouncing all over the place it would go to the player. Almost teleport to the player. Also with stacking. Like if there is already 1 block it would just be 2 almost like those mob stacking plugins but for an...
  9. glowgrew

    Script ✪ OreSense ✪ Easily generate ores in a few lines. 1.0

    About: This script allows you to create easily ore generators, like CosmicPrisons. Features: Light Weight - 31 lines (w/out commands); Easy - just one command to setup a generator. Soft Depend: Skript SkQuery Skellett Setup: Just one command: /mine setup, then place a generator. That's all...