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  1. A

    [SKRIPT] Want to make a machine

    Hi, I want to make a machine where u can put 64 graphes (its just a standard minecraft item named "graphe"), and after a certain of time u will get a barrel with wine. I already have a GUI when u click the computer for the machine, just only the convert thingy i need help with.
  2. CUrrUpt Enxo

    On Break Handles Block Coords different than Loops do

    Yea this might be a bug or a feature or something but idk how to fix it I have been messing around with this stuff for the past hour im trying to make a machine but it aint gonna work ima send my code in a haste bin here thats the whole file soo if...
  3. aescraft

    Compare list values

    I want to make a slot machine with the minecraft colors. This is the slots: | A | B | C | | D | E | F | | G | H | I | So, it's 9 slots, and each slot can have one of the 14 out of the 15 minecraft chat colors. (excluded white) The issue I have is how to compare the result. I was doing...