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  1. pokw

    No loop that matches loop-value

    Not sure why it says there's no loop here, any ideas? function removeEnch(i: item, e: enchantment): loop enchantments of {_i}: add "%loop-value% %level of loop-value of {_i}%" parsed as an enchantment type to {_e::*} disenchant {_i} loop {_e::*}: if "%loop-value%"...
  2. Jonathan Cohen

    Solved loop-value error

    Skript version: 2.2-dev36 Error: [20:55:37 ERROR]: There's no loop that matches 'loop-value' (crackskywars.sk, line 1098: set {_lvalue} to "%loop-value-3%"') Code: https://pastebin.com/Jj3ggWAL
  3. S

    Solved A variable can carry a block ?

    E.g. save an event-block into a list variable {block::*}. It's possible ? Because I'm not getting. on place: add event-block to {blocks::*} on break: loop all blocks in {blocks::*}: broadcast "%loop-block%" Doesn't broadcast. Works if I change to: on break: loop {blocks::*} ...
  4. RiCkYB_667

    loop-number problem in inventory item command variable

    Hi! I have an issue which i am not seem to be able to resolve by myself. I am filling a virtual inventory using a loop to create a slot selection GUI. The loop-value fills the slot name just fine, but the linked command to all slots always ends up using the latest loop-value (in my case 20) no...
  5. E

    Solved Please help me with loop

    I have this script that will get ban history of player and will place it in a GUI. When i use this script, it will place 50 items instead of 8 and this will be the Lore of the items: BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat,BeatTheBeat. I dont know...
  6. D

    Solved Loop list

    Hey Skunity. I got this wierd error that i hope you guys can help me with. I have tryed alot of diffrents method's and the best one i came to was this: Loop {team.existing::*}: if arg-2 is loop-value: message "" else: message "" The code work, but the else statement returns with the...