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  1. X

    Variables loading super slow

    Hey everyone! I'm using skript for a long time now and my Server was in offline mode for a long time (about 6 years almost), now because some players are botting my Server and I didn't find a good solution for it (None of the "AntiBot"-Plugins worked good for me) I wanted to turn my server in...
  2. Selvati

    Solved Skript & Addons Not Loading..

    Sneak Peak, Full Console Log Below: Skript Version: dev30d Skrip Author: Bensku Addons: SharpSK SkMorkaz SkQuery-Lime SKUtilities TuSKe Umbaska (These are not the problem, skript itself is the one constantly not loading.. so don't worry about versions ;D) Errors: Skript itself and...